ENGLAND, curso ISAK nivel 1, Junio 2013.


The Hi Performance Centre have specialised in the assessment of body composition both from a performance and health perspective as well as providing training and development through the ISAK accreditation scheme.
With the development of international standards for anthropometric assessment, surface anthropometry has become a very useful monitoring tool which is interchangeable between disciplines. The standardising of technique, internally recognised land marking sites the reliability and validity of this method has improved significantly.
Taking the time to ensure that your technique is sound is vital. From land marking the sites, the way in which you take skinfolds and girth measurements through to how you interpret the data your technical expertise is crucial and the ISAK Accreditation scheme is an internationally recognised qualification in this area.
The centre runs an annual accreditation courses at ISAK Level 1 and Level 2 at the University which are open to all, as well as refresher days. These are delivered by Alex Taylor (ISAK Level 3) and Dr Sam Fawkner (ISAK Level 3) from Edinburgh University. Both Alex and Sam have delivered a number of courses in the UK and Europe and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from both the applied and research fields to these courses.
Further information about the accreditation scheme can be found on the ISAK website - http://www.isakonline.com/ or download the information sheet ISAK Accrediation Scheme (pdf).
For further information about courses at Birmingham contact Alex Taylor ata.s.taylor@bham.ac.uk.


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